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By Robert Bast

Topics: trending tech

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Business can’t afford to ignore AI.  Michael Zammuto’s article How Small Businesses Can Use AI to Outrun the Competition, does a great job outlining “cost-effective strategies to save money, build experience and gain advantages over the competition”.  

By showcasing the latest innovations, this article will walk you through the different ways your business can take advantage of AI to stay ahead of the competition. One interesting observation the article makes is that AI has become an umbrella term for several technologies and how accessing and integrating these technologies into your business might be easier than you think.


The information in this article is for educational and information purposes only and should not be relied upon for decision making. Always seek the expertise of a professional advisor or accountant prior to making any decisions.

Robert Bast

Robert is a proven strategic business leader with 18 years of experience in the financial and technology services industry. During his career, Robert has worked at several major banks and credit card networks and has helped to launch business strategies and products both in Canada and around the world. He has consulted with hundreds of small businesses, large market organizations, and enterprise companies on topics ranging from simple payment optimization strategies to account reconciliation and payment process re-engineering plans. As Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of WayPay, he is responsible for the development of key partner strategies, go-to-market and growth plans, and a positive customer sales and acquisition experience.